Monday, August 29, 2005

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Islamic Art

Islamic Calligraphy

Friday, August 12, 2005


Ignorance and injustice, the world was blind
unable to perceive with their hearts and mind
The right path to Allah, they could no longer find
so Muhammed was sent as a guide to mankind

The prophet was sent with teachings so pure
never to be corrupted, forever to endure
Its truth and wisdom would mankind lure
for the illness in the hearts it was a cure
The prophet was persecuted by the sword.
bribery was offered but he did not hoard.
Compromising he rejected on his own accord.
because one day we will have to face our Lord.
He was persecuted, beaten and even bled.
During this persecution many ended up dead,
or were beaten without mercy, bruised and red.
Leaving everything behind, Makkah they fled.
They were tortured with fire burning bright,
and for their very existence they had to fight.
They stood up for what is good and right
so it could reach us, this illuminating light.
The prophet prayed much for you and me
so that from the Fire we could be free.
For our well being, to Allah he did plea.
so much fear and worry for every Ummati
The prophet prayed whilst others were aslee
pand for his Ummah many tears he would weep.
so that Islam in our hearts we could keep
and the best in the hereafter we could reap.
Remember the suffering of our beloved
and in vain he didn't shed his blood,
and in vain didn't suffer injury in Uhud,
and in vain he never, for the truth, stood.
Brothers and sisters you must awake
the promise the world offers is fake
The first few steps of Islam we must take
with conviction this decision we must make
What will we say when we face our Maker?
that Islam to us had become a stranger
No longer emotions did the message stirins
tead life passed us by - like a blur
Face the truth, there is no way out
we weren't sent here to mess about
The life we are living is worth now
the real life is the next - without doubt
Make preparations, before we diestand up for the truth and leave the lie.
The teachings of Islam you must apply
to follow Allah's command we must try
We have a sworn enemy called Shaytan
from the days of Adam he hates man.
He has his agenda and his own plan
to distract you from the worship of the One

What Do you think

Hardships and sorrows, for sometime are mine There is no cure, other than red wine. Service of the Old Magi I won't leave, My own benefit, in this I define. With light of the jug, ascend joyous heights Fate and time may have another design. Sign of godliness, is only Love Amidst the pious, I see no such sign. Alas, in spite of my wandering eyes, Two mirrors can't show that face, divine. You, tall spruce and pine, by my streaming eyes, I see the waters, but not spruce and pine. In my drunken state, no-one gives me wine, No-one with the heart, himself would align. Of the thing I loved, do not ask of me, I have become naught, speck of dust so fine. Hafiz's boat and I, only in this sea Have pearls of words, that brightly shine.

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O heart did you see that worthy child What in this colorful dome had to brave Instead of a silver plaque by his side Fate put him under the stony grave.
دلا دیدی که آن فرزانـه فرزند چه دید اندر خم این طاق رنگین به جای لوح سیمین در کنارش فلک بر سر نهادش لوح سنگین
Don’t let your hair with the wind blow, Else to the wind, caution I’ll throw. Don’t let foundations elegantly grow, Else my foundation will dissolve and go. Choose where you bestow thy grace, Else I’ll wallow in disgrace. When you are present in every place, Every place, my protests will face. The locks of your hair are curled like a chain, Enslaved to those locks, in chain I remain. When with your curls you entertain, Your curls will only drive me insane. Strangers do not befriend, Else I might be lost in the trend. Let not my rivals on you depend, This makes me sad, and will offend. Let your face color, your cheeks blush, Your beauty, the rose bud, aside brush; Let your stature rise up tall and lush, And the tallest cedars simply crush. Don’t become every room’s candle flame, Else my flames of jealousy can’t tame. Don’t treat every people the same, So that you may not forget my name. Don’t become known to all in this town, Else I’ll find the ocean, myself drown. Don’t keep me distant with your frown, Else I’ll tear to threads my shirt and gown. Have mercy upon me and compassion, Else hear the infamy of my passion. Hafiz will embrace your oppression, Was freed since enslaved in this fashion.

Friday, August 05, 2005


"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"