Friday, August 12, 2005

What Do you think

Hardships and sorrows, for sometime are mine There is no cure, other than red wine. Service of the Old Magi I won't leave, My own benefit, in this I define. With light of the jug, ascend joyous heights Fate and time may have another design. Sign of godliness, is only Love Amidst the pious, I see no such sign. Alas, in spite of my wandering eyes, Two mirrors can't show that face, divine. You, tall spruce and pine, by my streaming eyes, I see the waters, but not spruce and pine. In my drunken state, no-one gives me wine, No-one with the heart, himself would align. Of the thing I loved, do not ask of me, I have become naught, speck of dust so fine. Hafiz's boat and I, only in this sea Have pearls of words, that brightly shine.


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