Friday, August 12, 2005

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O heart did you see that worthy child What in this colorful dome had to brave Instead of a silver plaque by his side Fate put him under the stony grave.
دلا دیدی که آن فرزانـه فرزند چه دید اندر خم این طاق رنگین به جای لوح سیمین در کنارش فلک بر سر نهادش لوح سنگین
Don’t let your hair with the wind blow, Else to the wind, caution I’ll throw. Don’t let foundations elegantly grow, Else my foundation will dissolve and go. Choose where you bestow thy grace, Else I’ll wallow in disgrace. When you are present in every place, Every place, my protests will face. The locks of your hair are curled like a chain, Enslaved to those locks, in chain I remain. When with your curls you entertain, Your curls will only drive me insane. Strangers do not befriend, Else I might be lost in the trend. Let not my rivals on you depend, This makes me sad, and will offend. Let your face color, your cheeks blush, Your beauty, the rose bud, aside brush; Let your stature rise up tall and lush, And the tallest cedars simply crush. Don’t become every room’s candle flame, Else my flames of jealousy can’t tame. Don’t treat every people the same, So that you may not forget my name. Don’t become known to all in this town, Else I’ll find the ocean, myself drown. Don’t keep me distant with your frown, Else I’ll tear to threads my shirt and gown. Have mercy upon me and compassion, Else hear the infamy of my passion. Hafiz will embrace your oppression, Was freed since enslaved in this fashion.


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