Friday, April 15, 2005


technology is means anything that advances the human civilization. technology is good and bad depending on the way it is used. Computers are among my favorite technology, because of the World Wide Web. It has made everything easy. If one needs anytype of information, they just sit infront of the computer and surf the web to find information. Writing is pain in the butt for some of the students, including myself, because I have a bad hand writing and am a slow writer. In college one need to be a quick writer because when the professor puts the notes on the overhead for students to copy not every one is able to write them down. Therefore, computers have been a big help in writing because most students type faster than they can handwrite. Another advancement has been the satellite and space shuttles. The space images we get of weather to find out in advance if a disasters such as tornadoes or monsoons etc. will happen. It has been because of technology that we have landed man on the moon. We have gone to places far beyond our reach because of technology. Landing man on Mars would be awesome. It is technology that brings us news form the other side of the world. It is technology that has mode the long journeys short. Airplane has been useful in getting to other destination faster than ever before and are affordable. technology has changed the way we live and continues to improve our daily lives.


At 4/17/2005 02:49:00 PM, Blogger mrsm said...

Most of us do enjoy the convenience of technology and the benefits it has brought to us. Few want to return to earlier times in history. However, there is a downside to makes life more stressful when it doesn't work like it's supposed to work. There is also an accepted stress that goes with keeping current with rapidly changing software and hardware. Tools like the hammer haven't really changed much in thousands of years. But my new computer is already becoming obsolete before I've bought it!


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