Friday, April 01, 2005


Soccer is my life. If there is no soccer in heaven I don't think I will go to heaven. I started playing soccer when I moved to U. S. About five years ago. I started playing for my High School during my junior year. Now I am a freshman in Ball State and I play for their club team. We have a tournament this Saturday. It is in Nashville, Tennessee.
My position is forward. I am supposed to score goals for the team. How I got to play for the club team is I got a chance to practice with Ball State during one of their practices. I scored four goals and enjoyed the game. After the practice, the captain of the team came and asked me if I was interested in playing for a club team. "I'd love to!" I answered; however, there is a bit of a problem. My dad doesn't like it when I get involved in sports because he say it takes time away form my studies. But I play anyway.
My favorite soccer moment was when we won soccer sectional from our high school rivals in the penalty shoot-out. We won and advanced to regionals and we lost in regionals 3-1 to one of the best teams in Indiana.


At 4/01/2005 08:04:00 AM, Blogger mrsm said...

Why am I not surprised at your choice of topic!?!? I't great that you're getting to continue your love for soccer. Good luck in Nashville!


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