Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can GOD be a man?

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

From the beginning of time there has been a quest to search for answers. The answers of how humans came into existence? Why are humans created? What is their purpose? And how the universe was made and why is everything in such a perfect state [the balance of nature]? How come the planets, the sun, and the moon follow their course without colliding with each other? To answer these questions humans came to an understanding that there must exist Something or Someone that created everything. However, humans didn’t know who that Creator was. As a result humans took the stars, the sun, the moon, the seasons, stones (statues), animals and plants as their gods beside God and started worshipping them.

“When the night covered him over with darkness he saw a star. He said: ‘This is my lord.’ But when it set, he said: ‘I like not those that set.’ When he saw the moon rising up, he said: ‘This is my lord.’ But when it set, he said: ‘Unless my Lord guides me, I shall surely be among the people who went astray.’ When he saw the sun rising up, he said: ‘This is my lord. This is greater.’ But when it set, he said: ‘O my people! I am indeed free from all that you join as partners (in worship with Allah [God]). Verily, I have turned my face towards Him, Who has created the heavens and the earth and I am not of the (idolaters, polytheists, and disbelievers in the oneness of Allah. [God]) Qur’an 6:76-79.

This is the story of Ibrahim (Abraham) in the Qur’an who later became a prophet. As happened to Abraham many people worshiped and to this day worship false gods. As a result the Creator of universe sent messengers from amongst the humans to teach humans to worship one true God because they are created for this purpose.

People like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad [peace be upon all of them] were sent as messengers to humanity to teach monotheism; consequently the seed of monotheistic religion was planted and three monotheistic religions were born: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These religions share one fundamental concept: the belief in one God as Supreme Being, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Moses said to the Jews: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.” (Deuteronomy 6:4) This creed was repeated word for word 1500 years later by Jesus, “…The first of all the commandments is, Hear O Israel; the Lord our God is one Lord.” (Mark 12:29) Muhammad who came 600 years later after Jesus conveyed the same message again, “And your God is One God; there is no god but He …” (Qur’an 2:163)

“The biggest separation among the three major religions of the world is how they see Jesus. …Jews believe that Jesus is not the messiah. The Christians on the other hand believe that he is the Son of God. However not all the Christians believe that; for instance Unitarians don’t believe that Jesus is the son of God.” said Amir Shabazz, president of Islamic Center of Muncie, in his personal interview. The Muslims believe that Jesus is only a messenger of God and that’s where the issue arises. Is Jesus really the son of God or just a messenger sent by God? What makes Jesus the son of God? Is it because he was born without a father? If Jesus is God because he didn’t have father then so is Adam and Eve. They were born without a father and a mother! If Jesus is God because he performed miracles then so is Moses because he split the water. And ask any Christian scholar that did Jesus ever say, “I am your Lord so worship me!” They will say No! According to Mr. Shabazz, “Modern day description of Jesus in western society has lifted him to the position of a deity in association with the creator of all things.” The truth is that Jesus is not God because God is All knowing and Jesus was not. God is All powerful but Jesus was not. God does not have a God but Jesus did have a God whom he worshiped.

If Jesus is the Son of God then he is part of the Trinity: One person, God the Father + one person, God the Son + one person, God the Holy Ghost = one person, God. It doesn’t make sense. If God is the Father and also the Son, He would then be the Father of Himself because He is His own Son. This is not logical. If there is three parts to God (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) then if they get into an argument every part God would want their share of the universe and creation and therefore this world wouldn’t be stable.
In conclusion Jesus is only a messenger and a prophet of God. Peace be upon the day he was born; peace be upon the day he dies; and peace be upon the day he will be resurrected again. And to answer the ultimate question: who is God? God is He who created Jesus and will cause him to die. God is He who created the humans and will cause them to die. God is He who created the plants and animals and will cause them to die. God is He who created the sun and the moon and set them in motion. God is He who created the heavens and the earth. God is He who created the universe. God is He who created you and me!


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At 1/10/2006 03:59:00 PM, Blogger Carmen said...

Hi Khalid,

Thanks for the link to your blog. Nice to have friends who share religious blogging interests.... I've added a link to yours on mine.

At 1/10/2006 04:16:00 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Hey Khalid,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's a journal that I've made to voice the inner thoughts of a character I developed and give him some more personal depth.

I'm a minor in theology and I've taken to reading excerpts from the Qur'an, as well as the Torah. One thing to be noted about Christians is that after the Nicaean Creed, Jesus was described as "of the same essence" of God. Calling him by "son" is human analogy, and by that he is considered to be God himself. I am also confused by it.

Clearly, the religions will never come to an agreement, but it's an intriguing insight. Thought you'd be interested.

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