Friday, September 30, 2005

A tear for the oppressed

A Palestinian woman is trying to stop an Israeli buldozer destroying her Olive trees, during the Jenin massacre, April, 2002. Moshe Nissim, who operated an armored bulldozer for 75 straight hours in Jenin, has stated (as published in Yediot Aharonot Hebrew daily paper in Tel Aviv, May 31, 2002): "No one refused an order to knock down a house. No such thing. When I was told to bring down a house, I took the opportunity to bring down some more houses; not because I wanted to - but because when you are asked to demolish a house, some other houses usually obscure it, so there is no other way. I would have to do it even if I didn't want to. They just stood in the way. If I had to erase a house, come hell or high water - I would do it. And believe me, we demolished too little. [...] [The Palestinian residents] were warned by loudspeaker to get out of the house before I came, but I gave no one a chance. I didn't wait. I didn't give one blow, and [didn't] wait for them to come out. I would just ram the house with full power, to bring it down as fast as possible. [...] I didn't give a damn about the Palestinians, but I didn't just ruin with no reason. It was all under orders. [...] Many people were inside [the] houses we [decided] to demolish. [...] I'm sure that people died inside these houses... [...] I found joy with every house that came down,... [...] If you knocked down a house, you buried 40 or 50 people for generations. If I am sorry for anything, it is for not tearing the whole camp down..."
Zionism 101 and the Palestine conflict.
By Philior

"Everything they know about hate, you taught them. Everything they forgot about humanity, you made them forget. Give them a hug now, as they have proven themselves worthy of their parents - you." Quote from Gabriel Ash,

"There is no saint without a past, and there is no sinner without a future..." Quote from Babji, Indian sage.


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Nice blog too..
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